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Cisco exam 640-507

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In case your wondering, has anybody used my tips and passed the

CCNA exam, YES!  And you can too!



Your probably thinking that the Low Rent doesn't

have many links...and right you are, but you will

find link after link at any of these sites to keep

your mouse rolling for hours!  But here is the 

proverbial clue, go to, pretty much 

the best search engine out there, query CCNA, and

other pertinent words and visit the sites.

Make a folder in your bookmarks for your favorite

CCNA sites, get organized : )


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sign up for, and many other ccna question of the day's, just do a google search.

cut and paste the previous days answer/explantion

into a word or text document, great study guide

(and while your at it try to answer the question!)

by some index cards and make your own flash cards

look at them at every opportunity

visit the forums at

do refer to the cisco exam outline, know the

objectives, not the braindumps

you can write down everything you can

remember at the exam site, practice

writing down command, osi layers,

ios command etc. chances are your

going to forget a few things come exam day.

set a timeline goal for each chapter or subject

discipline yourself to read and study!

last but not least, the test is hard, but you can and will

pass the test sooner than you think and for less money

if you follow my tips.


your best purchase

***Cisco exam FAQ, everything you need to know***

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GurlyGeek great study sheets


Cisco's Certification page your first stop!

Subnetting Lesson #1

Subnetting lesson #2

Subnetting lesson #3

ExamCram sign up for the question of the day

Suresh' homepage

Fantoosh Web great certification resource page


  Visit the DI from PI, my old job, Marine Corps DI

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